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Dr. Félix Girard, DMD Dentiste public health officer Communautés Cris de la Baie James

«I’ve worked for several years as a general dentist for aboriginal communities of Northern Quebec, and I loved the experience, both professionally and culturally. Even if people’s expectations are often for specific needs (often emergency), services offered in indigenous villages are varied. We can offer treatment without having to worry about the patients’ ability to pay. Services include orthodontic and endodontic treatments and oral surgery (specialists do dental visits in some communities). I am currently writing a thesis describing people’s expectations towards dental services in Aboriginal communities.

Dr. Bernard Jolicoeur, DMD Chief of dental department Centre de santé et services sociaux de l’Hématite (ex CLSC de Fermont), Fermont

«Before becoming a dentist, I was a biologist. I dreamt of discovering northern Quebec. Two years of practice in Ungava Bay and one in Hudson Bay from 1985 to 1988 allowed me to visit all the Inuit villages of northern Quebec. However at the time, practice was essentially limited to surgery and operative dentistry. I now practice all dentistry disciplines at CLSC Fermont and our office is on the cutting edge of technology. Working in a northern hospital is an excellent solution for someone who wants to focus on dental practice without doing too much administrative work and it allows a perfect family/work balance with a minimal level of stress. Living in remote areas is not for everyone but for us it has been fantastic, no regrets after 25 years! »

Dr. André Richer, DMD Ungava Tulattavik Health Center Kuujjuaq

«In this area, to satisfy James Bay and Nothern Quebec Agreement’s requirements, dental (and medical) profession is exercised under the wage system. This formula perfectly suits a dentist who is anxious about financial matters in a private practice. The working conditions allow you to enjoy the profession for what it should be above all: put our knowledge and skills to serve the population»