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Quality of life

The North Shore offers a diverse social and cultural lifestyle away from the daily stresses, where residents can enjoy spectacular, unique and artistic landscapes (CRÉ Côte-Nord avantage, 2009; Tourisme Côte-Nord, 1999). The majority of municipalities have all basic services for recreational and cultural activities (CRÉ Côte-Nord habitez, 2009).

This territory is fully served by the health and social services with more than fifteen medical specialties equipped with state of the art medical technology (CRÉ Côte-Nord avantage, 2009; CRÉ Côte-Nord sante, 2009). In 2011, this region had a rate of family physicians per 100,000 people superior to the provincial average (Statistiques Canada, 2011).

There are 2 colleges (Cegeps) located at Sept-Îles and Baie-Comeau offering pre-university education and technical training. Many of these programs contribute towards fulfilling the needs of regional businesses. It is possible to obtain a university degree with  the Centre d’étude universitaires de l’est de la Côte-Nord and the Corporation des services universitaires du secteur ouest de la Côte-Nord (CRÉ Côte-Nord etudiez, 2009).

Dynamic culture

Diverse cultural activities are available throughout the North Shore. This region offers many activities and events related to dance and music, visual arts and literature, theater and movies. Recognized festivals take place in the region: Cinoche in Baie-Comeau, Ciné-7 in Sept- Îles and the Festival de la chanson in Tadoussac. Aboriginal culture is at the forefront of the North Shore with its legends and songs, dances and rituals and many major festivals. Major cities have their own theaters hosting Quebec’s famous music and variety artists (CRÉ Côte-Nord vitalite, 2009).

Outdoor and recreational activities

The diverse landscapes of the region provide a wide range of outdoor and recreational activities. The North Shore has a rich fauna which allows residents to watch birds and whales or attend one of the many outfitters for hunting and fishing. Activities that can mostly be done in each municipality include: badminton, basketball, judo, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, figure skating, speed skating, bowling, taekwondo, tennis, baseball, canoeing , hunting, football, golf, sea kayaking, snowmobiling, boating, fishing, diving, hiking, snowshoeing, downhill and cross country skiing, soccer, dog sledding, triathlon, cycling and sailing (CRÉ Côte-Nord habitez, 2009).