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Professional benefits

Multi-disciplinary practice

Since there is a shortage of dentists and dental specialists in rural and remote communities, general dental practices are often favoured over specialised services (Régie de l’assurance maladie Québec, 2008). Dentists settling in one of these communities may be able to use this to their benefit and set up a practice where they can enjoy professional autonomy and diversify their clinical expertise at the same time enjoy a flexible routine.

With modern technological enhancements access to online knowledge centers and electronic databases for continuing education courses has never been more practical. At the same time one can participate and collaborate with professional colleagues and break the feeling of isolation.

Gain public recognition

Enjoy the feeling of fulfillment and contentment of serving the community. Committing to practice in a small remote area can be very rewarding since close proximity between people evokes the respect and recognition of patients and makes daily life and dental practice more enjoyable.

First-hand experience

The best way to experience rural dental practice would be to seek and accept an internship in a rural or remote area. This can be great opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rural practices with a professional who has some experience in the field. Indeed, this would reveal if it is a lifestyle that suits you.

Rural Dentistry – Professional advantages

  • Professional autonomy
  • Flexible routine
  • Diverse clinical skills
  • Public recognition