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Take time to relax!

Like all health care providers, oral health care professionals are inherently exposed to stressful events. These stresses may lead to psychological illnesses such as burnout and depression eventually affecting their families. There is overwhelming evidence on the positive impact of nature on an individual’s and community’s well-being.  The buffering effects of nature serve as a protective factor having the ability to relieve stresses and enhance an individual’s resilience (CDP, 2011; Paquette. Martin, 2011).

Practicing dentistry in a rural community not only saves one from excessive traffic jams and the stresses of everyday city life but also offers more flexible work routine giving you time to relax with family and friends.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Have the opportunity to enjoy various outdoor activities all year round as part of your lifestyle. Stay healthy and fit at the same time enjoy the tranquillity of the stunning landscapes and natural beauty that surrounds you.

These are some of the activities available:

 Enjoy the culture, art and heritage

Festivals have their place in rural communities because they are usually a lot involved in the development and planning of these projects (Festival Western St-Tite, 2010).

With a variety of social activities and festivals happening in the community you can experience the local culture that reflects the diverse interests of its residents (Opportunités pour le Canada rural, 2007). Some rural areas also welcome Quebec’s famous artists (singers and comedians) in their regional theaters.

More on culture, art and heritage

Improve your quality of life

Happily adapt to a lifestyle that apart from your work routine leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy nature and experience diverse cultural activities with family and friends. You don’t have to worry about being disconnected from the global social media either since you are always connected online. In 2011, 95% of Canadian households had access to high speed internet, phone, cable or wireless network (CRTC, 2011).

Benefit from health care services as about two thirds of the residents of rural and small towns in Canada have less than 5 km to see a family doctor (Statistics Canada, 1999).

Family life

For those with families, rural areas have a variety of school choices. Some schools in the public sector offer international education programs, intensive English and specialized programs such as arts studies and sports studies (Métiers Québec, 2011). Your children can also benefit from private tutoring since such services are relatively cheaper and affordable in rural areas. Remote areas of Quebec also offer a variety of jobs which your partner can benefit from and participate in the local economy and serve the community. Many of these employment opportunities are in the field of education and health (Emploi santé, 2011).

Visit Emploi Québec for more information on job offers by region.